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Can net neutrality survive 5G?

BARCELONA—A one-size-fits-all method to web neutrality will not work in a 5G world, Ericsson CEO Börje Ekholm mentioned at an MWC press convention.

“Not all traffic is created equal,” he said. “In the 5G future, mission-critical apps such as remote surgery will have to take priority over other traffic. There will need to be a regulatory regime that allows the service provider to create services that are differentiated based on user experiences.”

Here’s Ekholm’s problem: he’s Swedish. So he’s probably thinking about reasonable governments that operate based on some sort of societal consensus, not the completely broken politics we have in the US.

Our political web neutrality debate presently see-saws between the extremes of “ISPs needs to be allowed to place their prospects in debt bondage!” and “ISPs cannot form visitors in any respect!” when the truth on the bottom is already far more sophisticated, particularly while you embody cell networks, which are not impartial in any respect.

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“We can not discriminate based mostly on content material or degrade efficiency,” Ekholm mentioned, “however I feel there are mission-critical use instances which must be considered in another way. Distant surgical procedure is one. Are you able to enable that visitors to not have precedence? I can not see that. That is most likely why we’d like a distinct sort of regulatory regime right here.”

Whereas North America helps drive early 5G growth due to extra high-band accessible spectrum, Ekholm mentioned, that lead might shrink if North American regulators do not launch extra mid-band spectrum for 5G, he mentioned.

On this analyst’s view, an inconsistent authorities method and a scarcity of belief between authorities, trade, and the folks will be the greatest hurdle of all.

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